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>> we are following some breaking news business and out of montgomery county. police are dealing with pipe bombs found inside a gaithersburg apartment. officers say they were responding to reports of a death when they found bomb making materials and three pipe bombs in an apartment in the 400 block
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of sunny brook terrace. police used a robot to get the devices and take them to a safe location. right now police are only referring to the case as a death investigation. no other details. we are monitoring the situation that will bring you more information as we get it. we are just one day away from the primary elections in the district tomorrow. new this noon, it candidates responding to more of vote buying allegations. kathy park joins us live in northwest were early voters are still filing impaired >> early voters have a few more hours left. we learned that more than 20,000 votes have been cast as of saturday night. the race for the d.c. mayor's seat has been tight and controversial. it appears it will be this way until the very end. early voters already know -- >> i voted for mayor fenty. >> i voted for this great.
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>> on the eve of the election, while supporters made the final push, controversy swirled the taming the -- remaining candidates. address by the board of elections. >> we had a number of allegations of situations at the early voting sites that have been brought to our attention and we investigated all of them and the office of general counsel is documenting the reports of they can be referred to the appropriate and a. >> can i get a giant give card if i vote? >> a video captured by and adrian fenty supporter focused on -- service of youtube, approaching and on and that the five woman asking where she can get a giant gift card. >> you have to go vote and i will be right here. >> who do i have to vote for? gray -- >> you can vote for whoever. >> fenty supporters claim people were being lured to vote.
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fenty says the information has been passed along to the authorities. >> the board of ethics is looking into it. there were notified -- someone unaffiliated with my campaign actually looking for his pay off for having just voted. >> vince gray responded to the allegations today. >> we have absolutely nothing to do with that. >> it follows allegations that a fenty supporter offered young adults $100-a-day jobs for their boats. -- votes. they have until 4:45 p.m. evening -- polls close at 8:00 p.m.. although we will not noblemen ever results until midnight, it could take 10 days for the official count of absentee and special ballots. live in northwest. >> thanks a lot. following developing story out of fairfax county.
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where a man is in custody in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor. 44-year-old david patton has been charged with murder. investigators say he shot a 48- year-old stephen carr in springfield last night. investigators say the two men had recently been involved in some sort of traffic and incident and they were due in court this coming thursday. parents in montgomery county are on alert after a scare near a school. police say three 11-year-old girls were walking in the woods and a one point two got separated from the other girl and that is on the third girl says she was approached by a man dressed in black and wearing a ski mask. >> she started to run away. he followed her for a short distance and then stopped. >> the man is thought to be in his birdie's, 6 feet tall. police searched the area for him and was never found. of the principal sent home to a
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letter alerting families. police are investigating two separate shootings at officers' homes in calvert county, and the chesapeake ranch estates in lusby. a maryland state troopers who were shot at and someone fired at a st. mary's county sheriff's deputies home and car. no injuries and so far no arrests. and to the weather. a weekend of much-needed rain but sunny skies are back. steve, i know we had a big deficit. >> we picked up anywhere between half an inch and an inch of rain. the sun is shining, the fog had diminished. looking at a relatively nice afternoon ahead. take a look at what is going on outside. 75 degrees in leesburg, 70 in gaithersburg and fairfax is at 72. radar shows the clouds eroding and plenty of sunshine. high temperatures, lower to middle 80's. take a look at the extended outlook.
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a chance of showers toward the end of the upcoming work week. more details in just a few minutes. it is a the win skins fans have been waiting for. at the dallas cowboys showed up to take on the new and improved teams and redskins fever is taking the region by storm. courtney robinson got an earful. a >> for moments it seems the redskins-cowboys rivalry would end with a blue win. but a holding call against dallas men no tv for them -- td for them and they win for the skins. >> if he did not hold them, it would have been over. >> this morning fans say although it was close the team is on the right track. many die hards stayed up late, sacrificing sleep to watch the first game of the season. the cat -- kickoff of the shanahan-mcnabb era.
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>> of the cowboy fans trying to hide. >> let's play ball. >> most who weathered last season's many losses say they are just glad 41. >> it is great. fun to be around people. i work at a retirement community and everybody has redskins things up outside their doors. >> others, some cowboy fans who dared show their faces gave out backhanded congratulations. tried and true followers say game 1 foreshadows. >> redskins, ok. at the end of the day -- we are 1-0 over dallas. the rivalry is back. >> while skins fans say the team is that they say this is just one. they have many more games to come and more time to prove themselves. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. local families are taking their concerns about the economy straight to the top today.
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president obama is in fairfax, meeting with one family in their home. later he will meet with a group of families and small business owners for a backyard discussion about the economy. congress is back to work after a month-long location. with midterm elections growing nearer, taxes are expected to top the to do list. lawmakers will debate whether to extend the bush tax cuts set to expire the end of the year. republicans want to expend all of them while the white house want to end the breaks for those and make more than $250,000 a year. now republicans say the impasse may be nearing an end. >> of the only option i have is to vote for those for it to 50 and below, of course i will do that. but i think it is bad policy. >> tax cut for every american making -- >> the white house is calling that an election season when but even if they vote to end the tax breaks, conservative democrats in the senate may insist on restoring them. breaking news on the
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american woman still waiting for freedom inside iran's prison. the family of s familyhourd asking iran to drop but half million-dollar bail. she was supposed to be set free this past saturday but now appears to be caught up in a tug-of-war between factions of the iranian government. >> lawyers for the american woman currently sitting in an iranian presence as a family is appealing for authorities to drop the demand for $500,000 cash bail because they cannot afford it. she is sick and expected to head back to the u.s. to receive treatment. but there is a powerful strength. she would be leaving behind her fiancee and good friends in a notorious prison. the three hijackers were arrested back on july 31, 2009, for entering iraq illegally and accused of being spies. >> i am sure it will weigh heavily on her if they do ask for her to come back. nobody wants to think that two
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peoples lives depend on them returning to a country. >> her release was first announced on board a but canceled on friday and then reinstated sunday. it is indicative of several competing factions within the road islamic state. present mock mood ahmadinejad tried to first secure the release but then the court set the bail conditions. this morning the powerful revolutionary guard criticized the release, calling it a bonus for koran-burners. in a the iranian government allow hikers to be briefly reunited with their mothers. until sunday, their lawyer never met them. >> we were together for two or three hours. i am hoping to get all of them released on bail. >> u.s. officials said the money for the bail is not coming from taxpayers. abc news, new york. coming up, and explosions
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and homes up in flames. new video shows the moment it happened. the drive to work could start costing more for thousands of area commuters. and the plan to add tolls across the region. you use them to keep from getting sick but they may not do as much good as you think. a surprising new study on hand sanitizers. but first,
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>> a new wild fire is tearing through northern colorado today. the latest destroyed at least one home yesterday. it forced hundreds of residents to flee. it covered more than 600 acres. it is just 35 miles away from boulder, where residents are returning home after a fire
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there burned for days and destroyed more than 160 homes. for the first time we are seeing home video of an explosion. in that explosion in california that destroyed 15 homes. a neighbor took this incredible video of a huge ball of fire ripping through the neighborhood of san bruno. investigators still have not given a cause for the deadly gas line explosion that blew more than 100 feet. at least four people were killed. a warning if you are headed to the beach in virginia. officials say you should stay out of the water at huntington beach in newport news because tests found high levels of bacteria. health officials are testing the water again this week and they say they will lift the advisory when the water is safe. plenty of trouble in the tropics. hurricane igor gathering strength, threatening to become a category 5. here is a look at it from space. already at its maximum sustained
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winds. but it is nowhere near landfall. meanwhile tropical storm julia has formed. igor is still way out into a landing. >> far away and juliet and even farther but the storm to watch is just beginning to take shape -- i am sorry, karl. we have a igor, julia, carl. >> the alternate back and forth between boys and girls, men and women. >> got a little mixed up. sorry about that. a little fog earlier this morning. it has now lifted. a better afternoon ahead compared to yesterday. yesterday was the coldest day we had since may 19. 73 degrees as high at reagan national. a little bit of haiti's this hour or. but no showers and the forecast, at least not for the next 48 hours or show. three stops this afternoon -- 73
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at gw university, dew point level just around 60, 78 in rockville, and a robust beach, delaware,, the 69 -- rehoboth beach, delaware. temperatures holding in the upper 60's to the low was 70's. 74 and reagan national. ocean city, 72. slightly cooler in the higher elevations. we are going to look for cooler air across our area for the day tomorrow. a cool front just off the west of us that will move across the region later this afternoon. these of the evening hours. winds picking up. 15-20 miles an hour later on today. no rain in the forecast unless you are heading up to upper new england. high pressure will continue to influence the weather. once the system moves through, clearing skies, comfortable they tomorrow. cooler wednesday and warm it up just a bit on thursday with a
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chance of showers late in the afternoon and once again friday morning. here is the forecast. we will break it down. 81-85 degrees this afternoon. lots of sunshine. the wind will start to increase. mainly clear, 56-63 degrees. for tomorrow, mostly sunny and breezy. near 80. extended outlook, temperatures very nice, where they should be this time of year. hovering around 80 degree mark. after noon on thursday, morning on friday showers but upcoming weekend, 80-81 degrees. >> we are not done with the summer yet. >> know. >> we have a ways to go. i am sorry. >> 10 days away. >> thank you, steve. the final stretch of a northern virginia high will soon be open to traffic. local leaders cut the ribbon of the last two miles of the fairfax county park with. named in honor of virginia state
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trooper who was killed in a motorcycle accident back in 2002. if some local leaders get their way, at nearly every major highway in the washington region could eventually become a toll road. the national capital region transportation planning board proposal would create a network of toll lanes of the beltway, 295, 395, and other roads. they would vary depending on the time of day. money would be used to improve roads and construct a rapid transit bus system. the board is set to discuss the proposal this coming wednesday. 7 is on your side with one less way to keep away cold as the weather gets colder. a new study says hand sanitizers may not limit your chances of catching a cold or the flu. the university of virginia study compares people who use alcohol- based pan sanitizers to those who do not. about the same number from each
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group called cold or the flu. researchers called the result surprising. he and sanitizers are still believed, though, to help ward off other kinds of diseases. staggering statistic. a government study says one out of every five children in our area is obese or at risk of becoming overweight. one of the highest rates in the nation is d.c. public schools where 43% of the students are overweight. the rate is 40% in alexandria and 30% in prince william county. a nutrition expert says several factors played a role in the results, including more access to tv, video games, and unhealthy food. up next on abc 7 news at noon, the final season kicks off promising a big surprise that will knock your socks off. what does oprah have in store? a night that is always full of surprises. lady gaga steals the show at this year's mtv video music lady gaga steals the show at this year's mtv video music awards.
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>> 0. winfrey is kicking off for 25th and final season today -- oprah winfrey. in the first show and she claims to have an unforgettable surprise. she is back. but this time it is oprah winfrey's final farewell season. >> after all, this really is my 25th season. >> in the first show -- >> this is really my last chance to do something really big. >> she is promising one of the biggest surprises in oprah show history. what could it be?
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>> it can't be a car. >> it is not going to be a gift for a particular person. i think it is going to be something like a. >> i think she will take all audience to hawaii. >> fans have heard guesses. >> 3 million percent -- everybody in the audience. >> one person a car, another person a house. all about spreading the love. everybody a job. >> others are stumped. >> it cannot be an automobile. >> i am thinking money. it is 25 years and so maybe $25 million to a happy winner? who knows? >> i guess she cannot give obama away. maybe he will appear. >> some fans have request. >> house, and give me a car. >> oprah, if you would like to give a trip to africa for me i would love to have it.
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>> keep guessing -- the big surprise will be revealed an hour from now. it was one stars turn to steal the night at the video music awards last night. >> yeah! >> lady gaga, she walked away with eight awards, including video of the year. not surprisingly she took the stage in a parade of over the edge costumes. she showed up with the service members impacted by the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. taylor's with an kanye west buried the hatchet and a public way. they sang songs to each other. still ahead, a final look at the
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it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism
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and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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>> chocolate lovers listen up. no matter how big your cravings, this candy bar can probably handle it. the chocolate factory in armenia just created the world's biggest chocolate bar. the candy bar weighs in at more than 4 tons. the guinness book of world records certified the record this weekend. the bitter and dark chocolate bar is 18 feet long. the company plans a town tasting event next month. " i get a plane ticket. >> or identify you a bar downstairs. -- i can buy you a top of our downstairs. breezy conditions tomorrow.
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cooler wednesday. a chance for showers thursday and friday. >> thanks for joining us.
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